Fee Schedule:

(ask about our corporate special rates for Therapeutic and Medical Massage)

Therapeutic Massage- Relaxation or Deep tissue/Trigger  

$65.00 / Session full hour
 $45.00/half hour session

Medical Massage

$ 95.00/Session One and one half hour

Heavenly Bliss Massage  

$120.00/Session Two hours

Hot Stone Massage

$70.00/Session One hour


$65.00/full hour session One Hour
 $45.00/half hour 
Aqua Detox (Body Detoxification)

$30.00/30 minute session


Aromatherapy Raindrop Technique              

Reiki Session      

Reiki Classes:
First degree $150.00/two-day class
Second degree $175.00/two-day class
Master (Condensed class) $350.00/three-day class
Master /Teacher $1200.00 for six months training- two day classes per month (200.00) each month

Reflexology Certification Class  $250.00  per class, series of 6 classes (2 days per month for six months)
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